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THE PROGRESS OF ENO PROJECT, 28th November 2008– 24st January 2009

We heard about the ENO project and we started working on it. We made a plan about how to get the biggest number of pledges from children and adults. We put some serious thought to it and we wrote an invitation to all the children and class teachers of our school, including the subsidiary, both nursery schools, the parents and some important establishments and organizations in our local community. We made a frog called 'Francelj', which has a special corner at our school and we regularly added new ideas to that corner.

We also invited the Olympic vice-champion Sara Isakovič to join the project and she gladly made a pledge. We sent a request for a donation of multipurpose bags to one of the biggest supermarkets. Together with Francelj – the frog, we learned how to shop responsibly and we looked for food of Slovenian origin.

We visited the pupils from 1st to 5th class and we told them about the project. We  also visited the headmaster, the post, the pharmacy, the Mayor, the priest and others. People started to think and make decisions. They made pledges to save energy, water, to recycle, to plant new trees and others.

In the last, promotional ENO week we carried out an ecological role play, in which we marked with green and red papers what is an ecological children's behaviour and what is not. At the concluding  event there was a variety of people – from  children to adults. The children ran the show, sang (with the help of the 8.b and Mrs. Mirjana H.), played, voted and did many other things. We distributed certificates for cooperation in the project. Our school cook prepared a healthy snack (dried fruit and mandarins). Our teacher Stephen from Zambia was also actively involved and let us know he understands the importance of this project.

According to the results we believe our project was a success. We gathered 2668 pledges and there will be 44 new trees planted in out community.

We are proud of ourselves and we want to especially congratulate the children, parents and teachers at our subsidiary in Zalog on their success, diligence and ecological awareness.

On the last day of out project we organized a march with Francelj and big posters. The Mayor met with us in the conference room. We told him about our success. We felt very important.
In the last moment we got a letter from Berkley, in which Sara Isakovič congratulated us and regretted that she wasn't able to be here. She promised to meet us at a similar important event when she is in Slovenia.

Children of after school classes – grades 4 and 5

Mentors: Lilijana Skubic and Katja Sodnik

Translated by Nataša Meh

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